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Menschen an Stehtischen in der Prometheushalle der Universität Freiburg am SDG Hochschultag
Dr. Helga Dickow

University Network for Global Partnerships


General Information

The University Network for Global Partnerships Baden-Württemberg is committed to the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and the expansion of global partnerships in higher education. Among other things, it is a co-organizer of the annual SDG University Day Baden-Württemberg.


SDG Hochschultag 2024

SDG University Day 2024 Kehl

The SDG University Day Baden-Württemberg 2024 will take place at HS Kehl, University of Applied Sciences. The planned date is Friday, 28. June 2024. The focus will be on SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities. All Universities, GloPart partners and interested citizens are invited to participate in the event and contribute lectures, workshops or information stands. Contact:

Recommendation Paper "Globale Partnerschaften an Hochschulen stärken"

Universities in Baden-Württemberg should strengthen their international orientation. In its recommendation paper "Globale Partnerschaften an Hochschulen stärken" (Strengthening global partnerships at universities), the Baden-Württemberg University Network for Global Partnerships (GloPart) calls for improved conditions, financial support and increased cooperation with universities from countries in the "Global South" in order to promote sustainable global partnerships. (in German)
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