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The Network

Menschen stehen in einem Kreis um Bilder von den SDGs, die mit Wollfäden verbunden sind.
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The University Network for Global Partnerships Baden-Württemberg was founded in 2017 as part of the „Entwicklungspolitischen Hochschultag“ (SDG University Day). As early as 2012, university members had participated in the "Welt:Bürger gefragt!" process and had thereby contributed to the state's development policy guidelines and were involved in the annual state conference on development policy.


The network aims to contribute to the networking and exchange of information among individuals at universities and to bring common concerns regarding the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and the expansion of global partnerships to universities and state politics.


The network contributes to the annual SDG University Day as a co-organizer. Via the page and a connected newsletter, there is the possibility to share relevant information since 2023. The network is part of the development policy networks of the state of Baden-Württemberg and has been represented by the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute Freiburg (Dr. Martin Adelmann) in the Council for Development Cooperation (REZ) of the state of Baden-Württemberg since 2018. Within this framework, the network has, for example, conducted a dialogue with Science Minister Bauer (2019) and advised on a REZ Experts Paper for the 2021 state elections.


The network consists of committed members of the university (academics, administrative staff, students) who deal with topics of global partnerships and the Agenda 2030 in their studies and careers. The network is open to all interested, there is no formal membership.

Interested individuals can contact martin.adelmann [at] (Martin Adelmann).

Speakers Group


martin.adelmann [at] (Dr. Martin Adelmann)
Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut Freiburg

sabrina.hoffmann [at] (Sabrina Hoffmann)
Dachverband Entwicklungspolitik Baden-Württemberg (DEAB) e. V. / forum for international development + planning (finep) (finep)

harald.jung [at] (Prof. Dr. Harald Jung)
International University of Applied Sciences Liebenzell

Organization of the SDG University Day 2024

eisenberg [at] (Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg)
University of Applied Sciences Kehl, SDG University Day 2024

Organizations / Institutes